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The kit contains 124mg (milligrams) of 4-ACO-DMT buy in 100ml (millilitres) of ethanol, a measuring cup, instructions and a 3ml oral syringe. The average microdose of 4-ACO-DMT is 1mg/ml. Shake well before each use and keep stored at -20c/-4f.

This bottle contains 50-100 microdoses of 4-ACO-DMT 1-2ml per dose.

Of the many “grey market” research chemicals out there, 4-AcO-DMT is probably among the safest.

Keep the bottle frozen or in a lockable freezer at -20 Celsius or -4 Fahrenheit . If keep in the freezer 4-ACO-DMT in Grain Alcohol/Purified Ethanol will last 2 full years.

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